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The Story About Us


Paraj means” pawan raz “- the scented earth, in hindi language. The scented mother earth which gave birth to all living beings and which nurtures us is to be respected and protected. By using organic food products not only we pay homage to our mother earth but also we nurture our body as it is to be. Paraj organics has the same motto.

Our Goal

Paraj organics is a small effort to provide you with the very best organic food products. Organic food products are grown and delivered to us by our beloved and trusted farmers. But in today world it is very difficult to ensure its purity. They
check the soil samples, product samples, amount of production, manure and other necessary things and then certify the products. Organic food is not only good for the body but it also tastes good. The taste of food we forgot long ago due to the constant use of fertilizers and pesticides is at your reach now.

Paraj Organics is a leading brand in providing certified organic grocery products for health-conscious consumers who love to eat natural and organic food, free from chemicals and pesticides.

Why Choose Us?

Eat Healthier

We believe in
Eat Healthy Live Healthy

Free* Delivery in Ahmedabad

Our Delivering Van try to reach maximum areas in Ahmadabad as well we deliver other non perishable grocery throughout India.

Brand Build With Trust

We procure We Manufacture We Supply, Only Organic.

Fresh And Organic Products

Our Organic Farmers always send us fresh Harvested Organic Fruits & Vegetables.


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