Organic Food! Why you should eat Organic Food?
Organic Food! Why you should eat Organic Food?

Organic Food, Why?

This is the question arising in many people.

Organic vs Non Organic Food


In Today’s world, we can see very few people consuming Organic Food. Non-Organic food are grown using Chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and other Synthetic elements.

While Organic farming aims to preserve natural resources, support animal health and welfare, and avoid most artificial materials.

Let us know diffrence and understand about Organic Food

  • Organic farming keeps Soil healthy.
  • Healthy soil is created by not spraying toxins used in chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  • This toxins not only harms soil but also harm us indirectly. A few amounts are transferred to us through food is eaten grown in such non-organic farms.
  • When pesticides and herbicides are added to the farm, it simply kills all bugs whether it’s a good bug or a bad bug.
  • We all know well, pollination is a way many plants reproduce. And this pollination is done by pollinators like Butterflies, Beetle Bugs, Bees, Flies, Moths and many in which Mosquitoes are also present.
  • Every plant doesn’t require pollinators but without them, your one of favourite food won’t be available. Some food would not be available without Pollination are like Almonds, Apples, Avocados, Coconuts, Carrots, Tomatoes, Grapes, Strawberries and many others.
  • Organic foods may contains more nutrients than non organic foods.
  • Organically grown crops and plants have less nitrate and more Anti-oxidants and vitamins in it.
  • You will find more flavourful food when you eat Organic food. Better taste is often found in Organic foods.
    Organic food not only keeps you healthy but it keeps our surrounding healthy and Alive.

Why Organic Food is So much expensive?

  • You may find Organic little costlier than conventional food. The reason behind is, only a few farmers are aware of Organic Farming.
  • There are also farmers who know about Organic farming but don’t grow, just because that will reduce their profits and gains. Hence there is less production and high demand.
  • High demand and less production is major cause of high prices.
  • Many suppliers & sellers like us procure various food items from various far places which adds transportation charges.

Message to keep with you:

  1. Organic foods may contains more vitamins and nutrients than regular food.
  2. Consuming organic food may also help in reducing your exposure to synthetic chemicals, hormones and antibiotic-resistant bacteria.
  3. It often costs more as disussed before.
  4. It may also spoil sooner than regular food, reason no chemicals used to preserve them.
  5. Organic food may also have more health benefits which we can now only hear from our Grand Parents.
  6. Whether to buy organic is your choice, based on your personal preferences and values.


There is lots of awareness and knowledge is required to share with peoples. This post will answer Why you should eat Organic Food? and Also Why Organic food is so expensive? Please share our post and reach this worthful article to your friends and families. Feel free to comment your views and suggestions. Your precious feedback will encourage author to share more knowledge and improve our organic blogging.

For Reference:

ENVIS Resource Partner on Environment Literacy – Eco-labelling and Eco-friendly Products

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